52 minutes | May 3, 2022

S5, Ep.3: Finding Safety & Joy in our Bodies at Any Size with Anna HeardinLondon

Anna is an empowerment coach, photographer and circus expert with a strong focus on social justice. She finds creative solutions to help people reclaim their bodies, their energy and their time. In this closing episode of The Body Image Podcast – for some time – Anna shares a warm, caring, authentic and passionate discussion with us. You won’t want to miss it.

More specifically, we talk:

  • Anna’s unique story,
  • What is a social circus,
  • Embodying your body when it has been weaponized,
  • Finding joy in a recovery process in a safe setting,
  • Why photos where you feel you “look hot” are helpful,
  • Photos’ affect on our psychology,
  • Fatphobia in our culture,
  • Ending generational body harm,
  • Why your kids and family need photos of you,
  • Social justice and accessibility in work, and
  • So much more!

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