50 minutes | Oct 30th 2019

S3 Ep. 4: Somatics & Embodying Your Body with Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown, Somatic Non Diet Dietitian and Attuned Eating Specialist, joins The Body Image Podcast for a beautiful episode you don't want to miss. Inside the show, we talk about a piece of work that's often missing in food and body image healing work, somatics. Here, we talk about what somatics means. What it really means to embody your body and practical steps on how you can do this, and Tracy shows you how to decode the phrase "I feel fat." Alleviating the idea of "good" v "bad" foods, stress from the BMI number, and eating "healthy" is also discussed. It's a beautiful episode you don't want to miss. You can learn more about The Body Image Podcast and find complete show notes at CorinneDobbas.com

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