40 minutes | Sep 28th 2020

Ep. 33 - A Gentle & Timely Introduction to Mindfulness - An Interview With Melissa Plosker

In this interview, Carol learns how, at a low point in her life, Melissa accidentally discovered mindfulness. She describes how, over a decade ago, with a divorce looming and thousands of miles from home, Melissa attempted to bend herself into a pretzel in her first yoga class. She was sore for a week, but it was just what she needed to guide her through a difficult time in her life. 

The yoga experience launched her into what she would later understand to be mindfulness – helping her become more aware of her body, thoughts, and emotions. It also ignited a passion for being present for others through her entrepreneurial pursuits. 

As a logo, website, and user experience designer, Melissa has built her business and her reputation on bringing simplicity, clarity, and meaning to each project, all values that emerged from her gentle introduction to mindfulness. 

Today, she is the co-founder of Nobody Life with her husband, J. A., and strives to raise her daughter and live each moment with the same level of awareness she first started practicing over a decade ago.

Show Notes:
  1. A Gentle Introduction to Mindfulness
  2. Creativity in the Moment
  3. Learning to Notice Things
  4. Sitting with Yourself – Reflecting and Letting Things Pass
  5. Breaking Apart Expectations
  6. Mindfulness and Working with Clients
  7. Intuition Doesn’t Lie
  8. The Nobody Life Community
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