54 minutes | Apr 30th 2019

How to Live Your Dreams with Barbara Niven

Barbara Niven shares so many great messages about kindness and being your best self in order to better others. I know my biggest takeaway was to re-calibrate this year in order to keep on track with my purpose and to continue posting pieces that will continue adding value to your lives! Who else is ready to re-calibrate in 2019? While Barbara has achieved so much, she also revealed the struggles of breaking into the film industry, all while balancing being a mom, and following her passion. As women, we can be so hard on ourselves, and in this episode we talk a lot about focusing on positives instead of negatives, which I think is so so important for everyone to do. So make sure you tune in to hear Barbara’s three tips for pursuing your passion and living your purpose.

Most of you will recognize Barbara Niven from her roles on NCIS, Cold Case, Lifetime, and (my personal favorite) the Hallmark Channel! She is also a best-selling author, speaker, and media trainer. She even created her own system, “Unleash Your Star Power” in order to teach business owners, professionals, CEOS, hosts, speakers, authors and more her secrets to success, earning her international acclaim as Hollywood’s Top Media Trainer and Video Marketing Coach.