101 minutes | Mar 30th 2021

HoA Ep.21 - An Ancient Altercation

Our heroes find themselves in the, recently apparent, ancient city of Blackwolf Citadel, which is home to, unusually, both Giants and Dwarves living in peace and harmony. This is all thanks, in part, to the founders of this great city who found the deep veins of gold believed to be non-existent beneath large chunks of fools gold. Our party has followed on the tail of a mysterious group of red armored soldiers bearing a red gemstone eye, similar to an "old friend" from back home... After navigating the dangerous dungeon made to honor and protect the tomb of the founders, the party has found the tomb itself ransacked and broken by these soldiers. In an effort to surprise their enemy before they have a chance to react, and after Angus seemingly failed to instill fear within their leader, Nimdioc chucked a fireball pearl from his necklace setting off an explosive chain of events they did not see coming!
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