98 minutes | Jan 27, 2021

Veterans Chat Ep.07 - Psychedelic Retreat w/ Jacob Bowman

Jacob Bowman joins the podcast today for a chat about his time as a Ranger Medic with 2nd Ranger Battalion, the challenges of post-service and the connection back to life that Ayahuasca gave to him.  Not only is Jacob a Veteran, but he is also a Veteran Business Owner. He developed a CBD balm that jump started “Buzzed Bee Balm” with his Mother and a buddy he served with. The Lemon Grass balm is as solid as they come, I’d try that one. A few years ago, Jacob was invited to go down to Medellin, Columbia to take part in an Ayahuasca Ceremony through the non-profit “Heroic Hearts Project”. The scholarships that Heroic Hearts Project provides allow Veterans to go down and participate in the ceremonies. These retreats are not just thrown together, they are vetted by the CEO/Founder and others to insure the safety of the Veterans being sent down. Make sure to check out their website and if you’re a Veteran that thinks this is for them, reach out to them and start the process. Best of Luck! Once again, psychedelics are not a joke or a game. Serious advances in Veterans and others lives are being made by their usage. Get informed and support the advances of healing the souls and minds of those that stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us. Everyone is different, that knowledge leads to different forms of treatment to get them back to living amazing lives. Everyone Stay Safe & Blessed!   HOV©2021
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