43 minutes | Dec 9, 2020

Veterans Chat Ep.05 - "Thinking about Podcasting?"

Podcasting has really taken off during the pandemic, with folks at home or having a lot of free time, some are taking to this platform to talk about what moves, inspires, or just fills a need in their life. In terms of podcasting, finding your message and coming up with a title is a good start, but once you get past that its on to the format. Are you looking at a “1-on-1 Interview” format or are you wanting to tell a story as a series? Either way, there are five more formats to choose from to get started. Don’t really worry about the length of the podcast at this point, grab your cellphone and start putting in the work. Equipment can vary, we utilize the technology that Rode Microphones has put to get. The Rodecaster Pro w/ Podmics is a great set up, but it runs about $800-900 to get started. The set up we have here is about 2k, but we have more mics, speakers and cables. The “no budget” option with just the cellphone or purchasing a $20 mic is all you need. Practice, Practice, Practice! Spend as much time as you can on the mic w/ headphones on. The dynamic nature of you voice coming from a mic takes some practice to get the “flow” that will drive your podcast. Use an outline to organize your thoughts and practice the delivery, this will help you get your “sound”. After you’ve got that down its time to start finding the guests that have the topics you want to cover. Reach out to family, friends, and friends-of-friends to get those guests that bring the gold for your podcast format and topic.  Either way, don’t be scared! Go for it and make sure you share it with HOV so we can subscribe to your show and promote it. Everyone stay safe out there and enjoy the holiday season. Blessings. ———————————————————— HOV©2020
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