36 minutes | Jul 17, 2020

Veterans Chat Ep.002: Morning Coffee w/ Will Price

Morning Coffee with Will Price at the "Sniper Bar & Grill" this morning. Great weather this morning for an outdoor chat about life. Will was injured in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Iraq and still carries the painful reminder in his feet. So we talked about how he has developed his life around the care and maintenance of his feet and his mind. Meditation, Yoga, and Tia Chi are key to Will's improvement and carrying them over into the next day, week, months, and years. Always healing is the goal!! Topics discussed:  -New National Suicide Prevention Hotline number: The long wait for a faster, simpler contact number will be implemented July 16, 2020 - "988" will replace 1-(800) 273-8255 (TALK). We talked about the question of "why wait two years to implement something that has been needed for 15-20 years". The focus on removing the stigma of mental health is slowing taking root and the PREVENT program (Presidents Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide). With understanding we can do more help for those that need it, might be you and I one day! -Space Force in the news and on Netflix, funny series so far. I'd check it out. -"FATHER SOLDIER SON" is out on Netflix and is about an Army Ranger, Brian Eisch, as a single father he deployed and was injured in a rescue mission that left him with the struggles of a lower leg amputation, healing wounds inside himself and with his two young sons. We are going to watch this and report back with some thoughts from other Veterans.  -Cross Timbers Hiking Trail is located just off of Hwy 377 as you cross into TX from OK. Great trail that has camping, picnic areas, and wonderful sights to see along the way. The trail weaves its way along Lake Texoma for 14.2 miles, sometimes being right along water on cliffs or into the woods to cool off. Visit if you're in the area. -Veteran Visitors are ALWAYS welcome at the Lakeside Studios, just reach out and let's get you down here for an episode or just to sit back and relax for a while.  Once again, thank you for the care at which you take in these episodes, and thank you for spreading the word. Everyone stay safe and blessed!!   HOV©2020
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