20 minutes | Jul 13, 2020

Season 2 Introduction

Season 2 Introduction Welcome back, everyone! It's been a bit of time since we have gotten together to enjoy an episode with a wonderful Veteran Co-host. Ryan Wempe (Saga Ep. 027) left me a voicemail, challenging me to start Season 2 and here we are!! Not to worry, folks, the podcast is coming back for a Season 2! A great many things have changed, as the episode reveals, and the podcast is ready to start up not only a new season but doing it in a new studio. The "Lakeside Studios", dedicated to SSG Richwell Doria "DAGR81", will be where the episodes for the show will be recorded from this point on. Excited to host Veterans at the studio for the show and to relax. Going to be hosting a "Veterans Breakfast" soon at the studio also. The rest of the episode discusses the layout and plan for Season 2, if you are wanting to come onto the podcast just email me at: HOVPODCAST7@gmail.com. There is a call out for all professional and subject matter experts to record a series of episodes to cover their content in 30-min episodes. Reach out and let's have a chat. Everyone stay safe and many blessings. Help us reach more Veterans and folks that enjoy a Veteran's perspective on life, share, and spread the word. Thank you again!   HOV©2020
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