94 minutes | Nov 20, 2020

Saga Ep.06 w/ Victor Varela - Rising Phoenix

Victor Varela, Army Veteran, drove up from San Antonio, TX to enjoy the weekend and to have a sit down at the studio for a chat. It was a great time and the is full of Victor’s life and times. As all of us know, the reason we join the service, regardless of branch, is an individual one, framed by the needs of the time. For many college and for some following in the footsteps of a family member or mentor. A deeper connection is reserved for those that seek self-discovery and self-redemption. Victor’s “why” he joined is a story of the redeeming qualities, one that many of us can relate with. He saw his life as something much better than what he was living, joining the Army in 2006 set him on a course of self-correction and finding that sweet spot that he can lean forward and life life. Victor dug his bones in A.co, 2/35 IN BN in Iraq for two deployments, during that time his reason for joining changed to “Why I serve”. Through the struggles of deployment, hand in hand with other Soldiers, his purpose in life changed. Victor is leaning forward in life to help Veterans in need and being apart of the Veterans community in San Antonio. Great chat with Victor and a visit to San Antonio has to happen now, Victor is a member of VFW Post 76, “Oldest VFW Post in Texas”, so excited for that. Everyone stay safe and spread the word about the podcast when you get the time.   HOV©2020
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