76 minutes | Aug 21, 2020

Saga Ep.003 w/ Dr. Katie Kopp

Dr. Katie Kopp, Ph.D. assumes Co-hosting duties on today’s Saga Episode to discuss her amazing journey to becoming a Clinical Psychologist. Not all Veterans set out in life to serve directly, but some are given auspicious moments that change their life's path, thus changing them forever. Katie is one of those Veterans who found Soldiering to be a calling that she found tough not to answer. Katie takes us through her time in college as she worked on achieving her goal to become a Clinical Psychologist and how a scholarship changed everything for her and her family.  As CPT Kopp, Katie was embedded with the “Mountain Warriors” of 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division at Ft. Carson, CO, where she deployed not once, but twice with her brigade to the Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Listen to her describe her first deployment and the actions she took to get timely care to the survivors of the Battles of Ganjgal and Keating. Her second deployment saw her traveling all over RC-East to help service members manage life in a combat environment, even providing a solid sounding board for Sr. Battalion/Brigade leadership. I’ve talked about a concept that I call a “Veterans-Veteran” on the show before. Dr. Kopp is one of those Veterans who are leaning forward in the ruck straps to ensure positive outcomes for Veterans. CPT Kopp's passion was first and foremost the mission, keeping service members in the fight and as fit as possible mentally was paramount in fulfilling that. As a Clinical Psychologist and a Veteran, Dr. Kopp has not stopped supporting the mission of the Veterans she helps today. We look forward to having Dr. Kopp on the podcast again to help us Veterans understand what's new with “Our Mental Health”. Everyone stay safe out there and help us spread the word by sharing. Don't miss an episode, Subscribe to stay in the loop. HOV©2020
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