36 minutes | May 5, 2021

Podcast Update and Roll-up

Through the course of life we find ourselves, on many occasions, barely holding on to the things we value and put our works into. These many years of life have taught me, in brutal ways sometimes, that change is all around us. We struggle, which is our nature as humans it seems, fighting against the current of life, wondering when we are going to catch a break. Well, that break will never happen, the moment and environment that made that work has passed. Change is all around us, we are in the eye of something that is in constant flux, this is unavoidable.   Resistance to change causes us to be anchored to an old way, one that has passed its period of usefulness. In saying that, the podcast is adjusting to the change times and updating itself, so as to not swim against the current of life as a Veteran.    The long standing episode, the Saga, is out. On paper this episode is amazing, Veterans Gold, but in reality this episode opens chapters of life, that for some produce setbacks. Much like the “war story” genre, if you’re not growing from it then it is holding you back from understanding it. War is not something we just do, war is lived - that lived part of life must be known to us, without the “fog of war” obscuring the truth.   More to follow in regards to episodes. “Children of Fallen Patriots” is an amazing non-profit that provides “gap” assistance to Gold Star Children for college. This organization was founded in 2002 and has provided educational funds, scholarships and more to over 2000 Gold Star Scholars. This is an organization that I know we all can get behind. Reach out to the Gold Star Families you know and ask them if they have enrolled, free benefits, don’t let em go to waste.   “Veterans Mental Health Series” will be out here in a couple of months, four episodes talking about “Our Mental Health” and how we can move up a couple of levels in owning it.    Reach out if you’d like to come on the podcast for a chat, all are welcome. Till then, everyone stay safe, blessed and engaged.
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