20 minutes | Jun 10, 2019

Kevin Farr on suspending belief in order to spark innovation

Today I’ll be talking with Kevin Farr. Kevin runs the innovation consultancy CNTRD, where he helps organizations understand, practice and sustain innovation. I’ve known Kevin for a couple of years and have always found him to be filled with energy and excitement. When we get together we dig into everything from quantum computing and ai, to creative process and team dynamics. Sitting with Kevin, you feel like you get to peek into the future, although as you’ll hear, he doesn’t think that’s the best way to understand what the future holds. I thought it would be interesting to have Kevin on the show to talk about how he works with his clients to suspend belief—to put aside their assumptions for a moment in order to reimagine what’s possible. We talk about what innovation really means and how organizations can embed these concepts into their teams. Kevin joined me in the studio after getting off a plane from Costa Rica where he was attending a conference in the jungle. Yes, that is a true statement. He’s wild, imaginative and engaging. And our conversations always bend my mind in ways that I’m grateful for later. Also, he brought me some tea that I’m pretty sure caused me to hallucinate.Special Guest: Kevin Farr.
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