18 minutes | May 14, 2019

Jay Fram

Next up on the podcast, my interview with St. Louis—soon to be Portland—based photographer, Jay Fram. I’ve known Jay for more than a decade—as friends, studio mates and collaborators. Jay’s ability to craft evocative, honest portraits of real people and places has made him a favorite for our team and our clients. I wanted to talk with Jay because of all the photographers we’ve worked with, he has an uncanny ability to coax people out of their shells. Capturing people as they are is the best way I know to foster empathy and connection and THAT’s what we strive for in all of our work at Almanac. Jay’s images have been a key ingredient in some of the most successful brands we’ve created over the years. Jay is interesting (born in Puerto Rico, grew up on a fish farm in Oklahoma, for Pete’s sake!) full of humor and a fierce advocate for the storytelling strength of one great image. I think you’ll really enjoy hearing his perspective about where to put your resources when you need to connect with the right people. You can visit Jay's website: https://www.jayfram.com or follow him on Instagram @jayfram. To see Print Magazine's review of our work together for Places for People, visit: https://www.printmag.com/branding/award-winning-rebrand-places-for-people/Special Guest: Jay Fram.
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