44 minutes | Apr 23, 2021

Radio Nowhere by Kate Cortesi

Radio Nowhere is an irreverent comedy about a young artist’s attempt to save his strange little radio show by selling off an even stranger set of valuables. Tune in and join DJ Anonymous as his scrappy telethon turns into an exploration of grief, art, popularity, and the myth of the white male genius.…………………………………Radio NowhereBy Kate CortesiDirected by Taylor ReynoldsStarring Alfredo Narciso, George Salazar, and Amelia WorkmanSound Design by Frederick KennedyStage Managed by Avery TrunkoSound Engineered by Garrett SchultzKeen Company Artistic Director: Jonathan SilversteinThe Hear/Now Audio Consultant: Garrett SchultzThe Hear/Now Theme Composer: Billy RecceTranscriptions: Inclusive Communication Services, Inc. (available online)Keen Company is an award winning Off-Broadway theater championing identification and connection. Sign-up for a Hear/Now Season Membership, make a tax-deductible gift, and join us on social media at www.keencomapany.org.
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