30 minutes | Dec 19, 2020

1993: Episode 8 / Low Romance - Disappear OR My Second Night with Steven

This episode is about the second night finkle spent with Steven and also a lot of other things too. Some loose ends get tied up, some don’t. Location: 512 East 5th StreetCharacters: Steven, finkleFeatured song: U…………………………………1993 by finkleDirected by Jonathan SilversteinAll voices, music, sound, noise, and silence created and compiled by finklePublishing Assistance by Garrett SchultzKeen Company Artistic Director: Jonathan SilversteinThe Hear/Now Audio Consultant: Garrett SchultzThe Hear/Now Theme Composer: Billy RecceTranscriptions: Inclusive Communication Services, Inc. (available online)Keen Company is an award winning Off-Broadway theater championing identification and connection. Sign-up for a Hear/Now Season Membership, make a tax-deductible gift, and join us on social media at www.keencomapany.org.
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