20 minutes | Jul 3, 2020

S1E1: Your questions about 'Healthy Waves with Eseosa' answered...and more!

Hello listeners, the first episode is finally here. On this one, I am giving a general overview about the podcast and what's in stock for you overtime. Also, you'll have a clearer look into my journey of starting this. I hope I'm able to answer questions you have in mind as of now:)) I am also sharing some valuable health info you shouldn't miss out on. Through this link, you'll be able to connect with me in several ways. You can subscribe, follow on Instagram, or send in a direct reaction or question through a voicenote. I'll be glad to hear from you! https://linktr.ee/HealthyWaveswithEseosa --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/healthywaveswitheseosa/message
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