44 minutes | Aug 12th 2020

Massive Empowerment Using Your Intuition with Muneeza Ahmed

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On today’s episode, I am so excited to have my good friend and intuitive Muneeza Ahmed here. We are going to dive into how Muneeza built her business and some of the strategies she uses to tap into what her potential clients want. Most importantly we are going to talk about this vicious cycle of mystery illness and autoimmune that not only plagues us as coaches but also many of the people we love as well.  

In Today’s Episode:

[02:52] Muneeza is a medical intuitive. She is known as the “The Intuitive Medicine Women.”

[04:12] People with chronic illnesses don’t really have a voice. She works to give them a voice and help them figure out the root causes and a plan to get better.  

[06:53] One of the biggest problems in health and wellness is that we don’t know the signs. Many of us are walking around with these warning signs.  

[08:00] Fatigue is the first sign of a viral illness.  

[09:44] When you know the progression and how something affects something you can take your power back.  

[10:39] Bloating is another sign that gets missed all the time.  

[12:57] Brain fog and anxiety are two other common signs to watch for.  

[13:43] Brain fog is a sign of neurological viral illness in your body.  

[14:58] 80% of your immune system drops when you have a period. So when you are on your period symptoms show up and these are underlying symptoms. 

[15:54] Women are sicker than men because we have more sensitive nervous systems.

[17:35] The modern woman needs to put on armor before she walks out of the house. Our armor is our food, supplements, and understanding of your body.  

[19:09] Muneeza shares the autoimmune cycle. 

[20:51] When we start doing something different, we can influence people all around us.  

[21:43] We really have to empower our clients by knowing these warning signs.  

[24:23] Autoimmune technically means your body is attacking itself.  

[25:25] We have 56 blends of adrenaline. 20 blends that we use for special occasions and 36 blends that are for everyday use.  

[26:44] We live in this chronic state of stress. Chronically produces low-grade adrenaline in our bodies all the time and this feeds pathogens like shingles and strep.

[29:47] Rachel shares her story working with Muneeza. [31:32] She teaches about forgiveness and compassion for self. In the forgiveness and compassion for self, it’s being able to rewire how that brain works when the adrenaline comes up.  

[33:15] There is so much reeducation that we need to be having about health.  

[34:03] There is no one protocol for anybody.  

[35:42] It starts with being honest with yourself about where these signs are coming from. 

[38:11] We have to give ourselves space. Carve your space to give your time to really feel where things really are coming from. Let your intuition inform you. 

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