65 minutes | Aug 26th 2020

Empowering Women to Have Healthy Sexuality with Jennelle Gordon

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On today’s episode, I am so excited to have Jennelle Gordon here. Jennelle and I have been going back and forth on Facebook for all this time and then she finally got on my calendar for my podcast.  Jennelle is an inspiration for women as a leader, speaker, and educator. She studied tantra and yoga extensively with masters in Thailand after leaving her traumatic past behind for a brighter future. We talk about healthy sexuality, the impacts of shame and fear, and even the importance of talking to our children at a young age. 

In Today’s Episode:

[02:36] It is such a great time for women to have a voice and for people really to get off their ass and do something.  

[05:31] We don’t teach our young girls about healthy sex, sexual boundaries, and owning their body and power.  

[07:25] Jennelle was a product of the foster system and experience physical and sexual abuse growing up.  

[09:01] She has a book and Ted talks about being trafficked for over a decade.

[10:51] As women we have to save ourselves.  We can’t wait for someone else to do it.   

[12:11] She made it her mission to find a way to take her ten years’ experience of hell and merge it with what she had learned and come up with a modality that was healing for women.

[13:46] What do I know I am supposed to teach?

[15:55] When Rachel built her business she had no idea how she was going to do it, but she knew she was going to figure it out.  

[17:41] There is so much repression around sexuality.  

[18:48] Rachel and Jennelle both knew they couldn’t have a side hustle. They needed to make it work as their full-time work.  

[20:11] People don’t want to talk about sex. 

[21:51] The fear that we all live in is because we are so scared that somebody may just find that stuff isn’t completely together.    

[24:28] Life feels hard so for whatever reason we think someone else’s life is easier.  We all make judgments.  Maybe we will come out of this not judging as much.  

[26:51] Right now there are a lot of issues and they are all valid.   

[28:42] We don’t want to acknowledge that human trafficking is happening in our own neighborhood.

[33:22] People are addicted to social media likes because they think it is attached to their worth and value as a human.  

[33:29] The number one fear that humans have is that we won’t be enough and that leads us to the number two fear we have, that we won’t be loved.   

[39:14] Trafficking is in local communities all around.  

[41:16] It is so ingrained in our lives that sex is bad and wrong.  

[42:15] The beauty of each one of us in our own journey is to know that there is somebody that is similar to us and they are our ideal client.

[44:14] We have this massive shame around sex and this fear of being judged so we clam up. 

[47:12] It has become a mental health issue of people comparing themselves to other people and wanting to be them so bad instead of loving the body they are in.

[48:28] Nothing is easy in this life.  Everything takes a regimen.

[51:37] Life is about patterns.  We need to interrupt the patterns about how we are training our young men and women.

[53:47] We need to talk to our children in an age-appropriate way with proper terminology about sex.  

[57:53] The solution is to have conversations with your children and start super young.  

[60:41] We need to stop judging and be more accepting of each other.  

[61:28] We have to look out for other women and the more we come together the more powerful we will be and we can learn from each other. 

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