54 minutes | Feb 24, 2021

30: Plant-Based Pest & Rodent Control

Before you blast those creepy crawlies with toxic chemicals, you may want to consider the fact that poisonous pesticides are designed to kill living organisms. Think they’re not harming your health? Think again. According to the U.S. CDC, Americans now have an average of 43 different pesticides in their bloodstreams. These are chemicals that can trigger everything from nausea, vomiting, and headaches to more serious health concerns, such as lung damage, reproductive problems, and cancer. Once a single mom on food stamps, Kari Warberg Block, challenged an industry that by its nature is toxic. As the Founder & CEO of EarthKind, Kari discovered that 98% of pest control solutions sold were poison & kill methods – so she set out to invent a better solution: plant-based pest control powered by nature. Kari is joined by Rita Stadler, the Marketing Supervisor at EarthKind. Together, they reveal how we can rid our homes and schools of pests without harming them, the most common ways pests and rodents enter our homes, how pets contribute to pesky insect infestations, and can also be harmed by toxic pest control products including rodenticides and insecticides. Kari and Rita share misconceptions about the efficacy of natural pest control solutions and why integrated pest management (IPM) is vital today. They wrap the show explaining why ingredient transparency is key and why you should avoid those you can’t pronounce. Finally, Kari shares what EarthKind is doing to empower and educate teachers and students through their Harmony Hero Award.
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