31 minutes | Feb 2, 2021

042 // What You Need To Know About Kitchen Ventilation

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, but do you know what’s in the air when you operate your stove or cook food? It sounds a bit silly, but cooking can actually be dangerous!  Cooking puts a lot of toxins into your air, so whenever you're cooking, those toxins are releasing into your air and you're breathing them in.  With proper ventilation, you're curbing a lot of those toxins from getting into your air, which is why a ventilation system is so important for a healthy home! Today's podcast episode dives into the kinds of toxins found in your kitchen air and the best ventilation options to help minimize and remove them. What You’ll Discover: How a mechanical engineer can help keep the air in your home healthy Why it’s important to ventilate your kitchen What you can do to mitigate the dangers and toxins in your kitchen air What particulate matter (PM) is and how it’s released into the air through cooking Why an induction stove is healthier than a gas stove The best practices for using range hoods What makeup air is and why it’s needed with a range hood Links:Rocky Mountain Institute's study on gas stoves
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