30 minutes | Jan 19, 2021

041 // How to Design a Small House Without Sacrificing Comfort or Flexibility

Can you live in a small house? Now, we’re not talking about tiny houses, which are wonderful for the planet, but a small house relative to the number of people and how those people live their lives. Being comfortable in a small house, or any house, is all about the design. You can walk into a 3,000 square foot house and it can actually feel smaller than a 1,800 square foot house. Creating a spacious feeling in a small house is about the layout, design elements, and organization options. This week’s Healthy Home Design podcast episode digs into ways to design a small house without sacrificing your comfort or flexibility. What You’ll Discover: The benefits of living in a small house What to consider when designing your small house Tips and design ideas for making your house flexible, multi-use, and organized How to make your house feel comfortable and spacious Why a smaller home doesn’t necessarily affect the resale value Links: Episode 37 // What is a site analysis and why do you need one before designing your renovation / new home build?
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