28 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

039 // How can the design of your home make you more productive?

We’re spending a lot more time in our homes and as work and family responsibilities merge, we’re finding ourselves more distracted and less productive. With January being the time we set goals and figure out how to make our lives better, I wanted to share some ideas that can make your new home or renovation help you become more productive and healthy.  These 10 design ideas will help you work efficiently, get more done in less time, and reduce stress for a healthy, productive home. What you’ll discover: What designs you need to consider for a productive home How to increase natural light and decrease noise Why colors and the right furniture matter How the layout of your home and rooms can increase productivity and wellness   Helpful links:Baux Acoustic Wood Wool PanelsEpisode 34: Biophilic Design and How To Design Nature Into Your Home To Reap Wellness Benefits Episode 16: Choosing Paint Colors For a Calm and Stress-Free Home with Mehnaz Kahn Wellness kitchen:An Architect’s Tips For Getting Your Wellness Kitchen Layout Right 8 Tips for a Healthy Kitchen Makeover Episode 9: Healthy and Sustainable Countertops for Your Healthy HomeEpisode 14: 5 Reasons To Create A Kitchen Designed For Wellness Pure Living Space - Promo code BALANCED  for 10% off    
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