32 minutes | Oct 20, 2020

032 // 8 Things I Learned During My Healthy Home Renovation

We did it! It's finally done. Three years later, my husband, Pieter, and I finished our DIY healthy home renovation. There were good times, bad times, you know we had our share. ..  And I'll be getting into all of it in today's Healthy Home Design Podcast episode. We had A LOT of lessons learned, so I put together my top 8 most important lessons learned to share with you. What You'll Discover: Why it's so important to take your time buying a fixer-upper Financing and budgeting mistakes to avoid How to be realistic about time frame Why being clear on your goals and intentions will prepare you for challenges How to keep yourself sane and healthy when living through a renovation project Helpful Links: Before and After photos Purpose Statement
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