38 minutes | Sep 14, 2020

Ep. 3: The Power of the Payer-Provider Aligned Model

In much of American health care, payers and providers are separate, distinct entities that simply have a business arrangement. But there are exceptions to that rule, and close payer-provider alignment can generate innovations that not only work for then, but for the patient. Ceci explores the power of those relationships, as well as value and affordability in the current system.Guests:Dr. Susan Turney, President and CEO, Marshfield Clinic Health SystemJulie Brussow, President, Security Health PlanAvik Roy, President, The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, and Policy Editor, Forbes--------------Resources:“Tackle affordability through competition or it will come through government control”, Modern Healthcare, by Avik Roy“Medicare Advantage for All”, FREOP, by Avik Roy
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