28 minutes | Jul 22, 2021

Paradigm Shift of Healthcare: What Word of Mouth Looks Like for Today’s Practices

Word of mouth is still a key referral engine for any practice, but it happens differently than in the past. If doctors aren’t careful, they might ignore some of the most important parts that drive their practice’s reputation. There’s a false belief that just because you’re doing a great job with your patients, everyone will understand that. But doing a great job in a patient’s mind is more than the surgery, and their experience is more than their interactions with the doctor. In this episode, Michael and Scott discuss key considerations including bio pages, web content, online reviews, and differentiation – what sets you apart compared to other doctors? To stream our Station live 24/7 visit www.HealthcareNOWRadio.com or ask your Smart Device to “….Play HealthcareNOW Radio”. Find all of our network podcasts on your favorite podcast platforms and be sure to subscribe and like us. Learn more at www.healthcarenowradio.com/listen/
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