23 minutes | Apr 28, 2021

202. Yoga is a Journey, NOT a Destination

Today we are combining the podcast episodes for both the Mind Your Health Show and the Functional Yoga Medicine Show because this topic is important for patients, clients, and health practitioners alike. When it comes to Yoga, it's not about the full expression of the pose. The best benefit you'll gain is mind-body mastery during the "journey". In this episode, Dr. Connie shows you how to gain mind-body mastery through the practice of Alkaline Yoga Method.   If you struggle with autoimmune disease or symptoms, click here to subscribe to our Mind Your Health podcast where Dr. Connie focuses on true holistic healing for autoimmunity: https://podcasts.apple.com/.../mind-your.../id1297924924   Click here to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more free content! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcQ8ySs38wLcDpp4-VJrdhQ
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