17 minutes | Aug 28, 2016

Healing Digestive Health with Kate Kordsmeier

In this podcast, Laura speaks with freelance writer Kate Kordsmeier on how she healed her Leaky Gut Syndrome using dietary changes. Kate Kordsmeier is the founder of Root + Revel, a food and wellness site helping people live naturally, without sacrifice. After being diagnosed with PCOS, leaky gut, hypothyroidism and insulin resistance and subsequently healing her body and reversing her symptoms with food and natural, holistic remedies, Kate founded Root + Revel, a site centered around on real, whole foods, safe, non-toxic beauty, effective DIY recipes and healthy living inspiration. Sign up for Root + Revel's newsletter to receive a FREE DIY Natural Cleaning eBook.
You can connect with Kate www.katekordsmeier.com, www.rootandrevel.com or on twitter at @kpkords, @rootandrevel. For more information on Laura and Healing Powers, you can go to www.healingpowers.net/. You can also find her on facebook via Healing Powers and follow her on twitter @thatlaurapowers.
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