52 minutes | Jan 25, 2020

Calvin - Healing Masculine - Season 1

Toxic….you know, the Brittney Spears song.. is the most popular request for harpist Calvin Arsenia, but why did he choose to reinvent the chart-topper in the first place? In this episode of Healing Masculine, Calvin and I play ourselves through a conversation on the freedom and confines of musicality, and how that relates to masculinity.-Support Healing Masculine on Patreon ( https://www.patreon.com/user?u=28853581  ) or make a one-time donation ; if you’re unable to make a financial contribution now, please share our work, have your own conversations, and listen often. We center the power of community to create equitable, accessible, and sustainable non-binary conversations, and hope you’ll join us! IG: @healingmasculineFB: Heaaling Masculine
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