62 minutes | Apr 10th 2018

22 Sustaining Ourselves When Confronting Violence -- Black Lives Matter Global Network (Miski Noor & Kandace Montgomery)

This week, we’re talking with Kandace Montgomery and Miski Noor of Black Lives Matter Global Network and Black Visions Collective in the Twin Cities. We’ll hear about the 18 day police station occupation following the police murder of Jamar Clark in Minneapolis, and how healing, escalation, and direct action can and need to go hand in hand. They also share about collective housing, gaining trust in moments of crisis and direct action, raising money for therapy and support for leaders who need it, and organizer burnout.

You can download the corresponding practice (22 Practice: Healing in Direct Action) to be taken through some stories and important questions to ask ourselves how we are incorporating healing and wellbeing into the preparation for action, direct action itself, and aftercare.


  • Black Visions Collective (BLVC): Support their movement & legal fund here bit.ly/BLMBAILFUND
  • People’s Movement Center: http://www.peoplesmovementcenter.com/
  • BOLD (Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity): http://boldorganizing.org/



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This week’s AFFIRMATION comes from Jennie, lifting up Aaron Johnson. Thanks for sharing your respect and love.



Kandace Montgomery & Miski Noor both work with the Black Lives Matter Global Network - Miski as a communications strategist, and Kandace as part of the organizing team. They’re part of Black Visions Collective (formerly known as Black Lives Matter Minneapolis) and are co-partners in a Minneapolis-based housing project, “The Purple Palace Project" that seeks to provide affordable, community centered housing for movement activists and organizers. They are both  trainers with Momentum, and Miski is on the Momentum Core Team.

Miski is an organizer and writer based in Minneapolis, MN where they prioritize relationship building, healing justice, and creating movement cultures that are collaborative and sustainable. Miski is committed to working to create a world in which Black life is protected and our collective liberation is realized.

Kandace is a Black, queer, feminist, organizer, trainer, and strategist, living out the legacy of her ancestors. Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, she grew up mostly in rural Maine. She has been instrumental in building Black organizing infrastructure local to the Twin Cities. When she isn't organizing she's learning how to grow food (but basically as anticipation for the revolution), reading Octavia E. Butler, and practicing radical ways to love on her people.--


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