45 minutes | Sep 23rd 2020

Healing from within with Linda Lentini

Our guest Linda Lentini is the Director of Healing From Within at Toivo,  a Hartford-based program that focuses on making holistic healing and stress management techniques available to everyone. She is trained in Breath Body Mind, Aromatherapy, and is a certified Louise Hay trainer. In this episode, Linda, Erik and Kim discuss Linda's work inside inpatient psychiatric units, and the ways she's adapted her work to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. We also cover stress management, Louise Hay training, and more. Stick with us to the end for a special meditative moment led by Linda, focused on the breath. 

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Linda Lentini can be reached at:

Toivo website


Louise Hay’s website as a certified “You Can Heal Your Life” facilitator.


Breath Body Mind


Youtube video of Linda sharing a speech at a 2013 rally for human rights in psychiatry


Human Rights Rally in response to proposed unconstitutional laws which lead to forced drugging, human rights violations, and more people entering the broken psychiatric medical model for "treatment."  This was a day to challenge our communities to not perpetuate the statue quo, celebrate our uniqueness and interconnection in the human family, and promote communities of acceptance which encourage, allow, and facilitate individualized movement towards lives rich in texture and meaning.