70 minutes | Dec 24th 2020

A HIIYH Sendoff with Erik, Kim and Andrea

Friends, it's been a beautiful journey. Our podcast is coming to an end, as Kim and Erik each go on to pursue new and exciting projects. In this final episode, our producer Andrea Muraskin joins us to look back at some of our favorite episodes and guests that made us laugh and cry, and some that frankly blew our minds! You'll also get updates on some of our guests' new work and reflections on what we've learned about ourselves in the past 2+ years. 

A huge thanks to all of our guests, to our sponsors the Wu Healing Center and Ralphie's Retreat, and to Craig Norton for production help and providing the wonderful music. And thank you so much for listening. 

Check out the new album from HannaH's Field, Crystal Vision. Every CD purchase comes with a crystal grid! 

Follow Angela Mendes on Instagram @upanji for details about her upcoming book, A Queda do Raiozinho.

Download Kelvin Young's new E-Book, Finding Freedom From Behind Bars: A Journey Of Self-Discovery & Healing 

Order George Herrick's new book, Stone Warrior: Confronting Life's Challenges with Stone Art and Meditation.

In these tough times, please consider supporting the following small businesses and not-for-profit organizations that were featured on our show: Cinder and Salt, Bare Life, Everyone Outside, Kelli Joy, Nourishing Necessities, Soulshine Salt Cavern (yes, they're open!), Intuitive Pet Care and Training, LLC, Eat the Sunlight and Hands on Drumming.

Keep in touch with Kim at www.brandfearless.com, where you can find links to all her social platforms. Keep an ear out for her new podcast, Spiral Up, launching in 2021! 

Follow Erik at chiforhealing.com where you can find online Qi Gong classes and wellness workshops, teas, tinctures and more. 

Production of Healing is in Your Hands is by Andrea Muraskin with musical interludes by Craig Norton.

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