63 minutes | Dec 2, 2020

US Cities: Defund the Police?

Should American cities defund their police departments? It’s December 2020 and Americans are divided. The "defund the police" slogan became common during the George Floyd protests starting in May 2020. Black Lives Matter and other activist movements have used the phrase to call for police budget reductions and to delegate certain police responsibilities to other organizations. Public opinion on how to address these requests have been mixed. My guests today are Chris, who has served as a police officer since the 1990s and Michael Thomas Carter, who has worked on Bernie Sanders' 2016 primary campaign, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 2018 primary campaign, and Julia Salazar's 2020 primary campaign. We touch on how cops should react towards verbal hostility, if body cameras keep officers accountable, where funding would be reallocated, and more. So with no further ado, I invite you to join me as we heal the division on defunding the police.
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