2 minutes | Nov 11, 2020

Trailer: Heal our Division Podcast

America is deeply divided. When it comes to political division, 74 percent of Americans labeled the country as very divided. There is little difference among the political parties, with 96 percent of Republicans and 91 percent of Democrats agreeing. The same poll also found that 59 percent of Americans are pessimistic that people with different political views can come together to solve problems. Only 38 percent feel optimistic.Polls aside, this division isn’t hard to see. Just turn on the nightly news, refresh your social media feed, or sit down at the dinner table and you’ll probably notice it too. We’re more connected, yet more polarized than ever before. So what exactly are we doing wrong?Our current political discourse is doing us any favors. 10 minute tv segments before cutting to a commercial break aren’t working. Neither are debates limited to 280 characters at a time. Podcasts are enjoyable, but perhaps because we usually choose the ones that validate our own beliefs and opinions.My name is Kevin MacPherson, and I feel that there must be a better way. Our political echo chambers can’t continue if we want to make true progress in our country. As a result, I started the Heal our Division Podcast.Each week, I host an open conversation between opposing views on today’s biggest political topics and social issues. Anything goes, so long as discourse remains civil even when disagreeing. Guests freely speak their minds without interruptions, ask questions, and get access to a perspective far different than their own. Things may get heated at times, but the end goal is always the same. Find a mutual understanding with one another, identify solutions, and demonstrate that we can heal our division as Americans despite our differences.Left, right, center, or independent - I invite you to join me as we work to heal the division in our country, one honest conversation at a time.
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