32 minutes | Jan 27, 2021

Political Hatred: Treatment with Dr. René Levy (Pt. 2)

How do we treat the symptoms of America’s political hatred today? It’s January 2021, and Americans are divided. My recurring guest today is Dr. René Levy, the primary influence for me launching this podcast. He’s received the highest award given by the American Epilepsy Society in recognition of contributions to the field. After the 2016 election, Dr. Levy applied his knowledge towards writing ‘Mending America’s Political Divide: What Science Tells Us About Solving The Political Hatred Between The Left and The Right’. In the second of our two-part series, Dr. Levy will treat the symptoms of America’s political divide as he would for a medical patient after first providing the diagnosis. We discuss whether political affiliations are genetic, if the bipartisan system is still effective, how to successfully engage with someone of opposing political views, and more. So whether you agree or disagree with today’s guest, I invite you to join me with an open mind as we heal the division by treating the political hatred in America today.
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