42 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

COVID Vaccines: Should Public Trust Them?

Should the public trust COVID-19 vaccines? It’s March 2021, and Americans are divided. The voice you just heard is Dr. Nishant Joshi, an Accident and Emergency doctor. Both him and his wife, also a doctor, have made British national headlines stating that, for healthcare workers, “everyone is scared to speak up publicly” and highlighting the government’s “chaotic” guidelines for healthcare workers on the front line of the crisis. He’s since become an outspoken advocate for trusting and receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. In this episode we discuss whether vaccinations were rushed, if employees can be forced to get vaccinated, we evaluate the response of government officials, identify what herd immunity means, and more. Whether you agree or disagree with today’s guest, I invite you to join with an open mind as we work to heal the division on COVID vaccination public trust.
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