66 minutes | Dec 9, 2020

America 2020: State of Race Relations

What is the current state of race relations in America? It’s December 2020 and Americans are divided. According to Pew Social Trends in October 2020: The public is about evenly split on whether the increased focus on issues of race in the country will lead to major policy changes to address racial inequality (48% say it will and 51% say it will not). And while a majority say the heightened attention to racial issues represents a change in the way most Americans think about these issues, just 34% say this represents a major change. My guests today are  Dr. Kasey Lynn and Brittany. Dr. Kasey Lynn earned a PhD in Values-Driven Leadership from Benedictine University and joined the Ferris State University’s College of Business, teaching Ethics, Strategy, and Management.​ She has over twenty-five years of professional experience including serving as Director of Global Menu Strategy for McDonald’s Corporation and will be releasing her own book next year on her perspective of achieving goals. Brittany has her Masters from NYU, is a critical writer for publications like The Republic, Daily Beast and Tablet Mag. She hosts her own podcast "#American Shade w/ Brittany King", now available wherever you listen to podcasts. In this episode we discuss how much of Martin Luther King’s vision for America has been fulfilled, critical race theory in education, if racism can actually be ended, and more. So with no further ado, I invite you to join me as we heal the division on race relations in 2020 America.
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