32 minutes | Mar 6, 2018

How to Prepare for Court Against the Narcissist - with attorney Megan Lyons

In your dealings with a personality-disordered individual, you've learned that this person lies, blames and exaggerates. In court, despite swearing an oath to tell the truth, he or she will continue to lie, blame and exaggerate.How do you protect yourself? How do you make your case?Join host Kim Saeed as she discusses how to prepare for court against the narcissist, especially if you share children.   Joining Kim is attorney, Megan Lyons.  Megan, a lawyer from Florida, offers her expertise in navigating a court proceeding when the opposing party is a narcissist.Need representation in Florida?  Contact Megan's office at:  941-260-6444Visit Kim's blog at KimSaeed.com to learn more about narcissistic abuse and recovery, as well as to gain access to free downloads, checklists, and healing resources. Check out The Essential Break Free Bootcamp for additional ways to empower yourself against narcissistic abuse, break free from toxic relationships, and begin your healing journey: http://bit.ly/MyHealedLife
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