29 minutes | Apr 11, 2019

How Female Empaths Can Stay Centered in Today's Society - with Dr. Renee Mudrey

How do you acknowledge and center into your feminine energies in today’s society? These days, women are taking on roles which have been traditionally male roles. They find themselves working full-time jobs, living alone, financially supporting themselves, and taking care of things that men have generally taken care of in the past. All while taking care of the home and raising children.So, how can we balance our independence while remaining present in our feminine energies?Kim Saeed interviews Dr. Renee Mudrey and gives you the answers to these very questions. Don’t forget to check out Dr. Renee’s book, The Unbecoming: A Journey Within, available on Amazon.If you’re an Empath struggling with setting boundaries, get your free ‘Boundary Setting’ worksheets here: https://bit.ly/RepelandDeflectNarcissistsVisit Kim’s website for educational, research-based articles on narcissistic abuse and recovery: https://kimsaeed.com/
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