47 minutes | Nov 13th 2019

Special preview: Michelle's "Hallmark for the Holidays" podcast

Let it be known: Michelle Todd Schorsch loves Hallmark holiday movies. But she is far from an ordinary fan: Michelle is the host of “Hallmark for the Holidays,” a podcast that breaks down the movies where warmth, love and Christmas never ends. Each episode takes the latest offerings from the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas — now in its 10th year — and examines their unique effect on cable TV programming, a feeling of love and romance, nostalgia for a simpler time and the celebration of a seasonal spirit we welcome now — and all year round. In the premiere episode of “Hallmark for the Holidays” Michelle Schorsch — joined by her husband Peter — take a deep dive into the first movie in the 10th annual Countdown to Christmas series: “Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses.”
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