8 minutes | Aug 2, 2020

Episode 4: Is COVID-19 the much-needed catalyst for adoption of Patch Management As-a-Service?

Considering the current global situation with COVID-19, companies have realized the worth of scaling up at a moment’s notice with the cloud, coupled with security and compliance. More emphasis has been laid on Hybrid cloud solutions that enable speed, flexibility, insight, and innovation, creating even more complexity to the server patching equation. Patch management offers a comprehensive solution based on a subscription model that manages IT, security, and compliance in real-time to support a highly scalable environment spanning across a hybrid cloud setup. In this episode, Anant Bharadwaj, Group Manager, Hybrid Cloud at HCL Technologies, answers questions that help us comprehend the need for server patch management solutions to support diverse applications running across a hybrid cloud. Questions being answered: Has COVID-19 really triggered the need for a more robust solution around cloud security? How do you combat such a precarious situation and be future-ready? How hybrid cloud services help cater to the right solutions for customers.
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