43 minutes | Apr 6, 2014

HL 009 : Why We Think Big Island Is No Ka Oi

Though never having lived on the other islands, I've been to Maui, Oahu and Kauai. - I will give my observations about them and why I think the big island is better.  You've been to Molokai for the canoe race, so you can give that perspective. I think the only island we're missing is Lanai, which Larry Elisson just bought and is revamping.  Me, Maui is like Southern Ca. with water around it. It's where the whales migrate to every year. They have monster surf at JAWS.  Oprah has a place there. Jim Neighbors lives there. Oahu is too many people. 2nd worst traffic in the nation. They are building rail to relieve that somewhat. But has all the history of Pearl Harbor. The surfing mecca of the North Shore. Polynesian Cultural Center. Military bases. Ala Moana was the largest shopping mall in the nation at the time it was built.  Use to be you had to go there for any serious shopping. Diamond Head - What a view! But you have to be in good shape to make the climb.  Kauai, AKA- Chicken island. Beautiful beaches. Rainiest place on the planet. Jurrasic Park was filmed there and Jurrassic World is going to be filmed there. If you ever seen some of the bugs here, it's not that much of a stretch... We used to like traveling interisland when it was cheaper and easier, pre 9-11. I think my favorite way to see the various islands now would be by cruise ship. Only pack and unpack once.  My take on why the big island is best. It's rural like Kauai, but there's a lot more room here. I compare it to living in Orange county size wise. I used to only leave about once a year.  It's less hustle and bustle. It has the best scuba diving and snorkeling. It used to be down right cheap to live here compared to living in Ca.
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