47 minutes | Nov 15th 2018

When To Advocate For Your Kids When You Disagree With The Doctors- An Interview With Amanda Cant

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In this episode Mandy talks with Amanda Cant about what to say to someone who is grieving, how to become an advocate for your children and why telling your story helps others to own theirs.


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Amanda’s Facebook Page


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:00 Introduction- Raking leaves and the “not yet” season

2:53 A blessing for you… the in-between time

4:17 Introduction of Amanda Cant

5:00 Two heartbeats on the ultrasound

7:30 Fighting even in the womb

8:25 I need to get the doctor

9:20 When a heartbeat stops

10:02 Should I terminate this pregnancy

11:23 We need to fight for our daughter

12:15 The swing of emotions

13:02 Tears of exhaustion, sadness and defeat

14:28 It was like my body didn’t know what to do

14:54 I feel like I forgot something

16:23 Why is there so much shame in loss

17:58 I feel like I’m the only one

19:35 Creating a child is a complete miracle

19:56 How can we come alongside anyone going through a season of hurting

21:48 Be present

22:15 When friends disconnect during tough times

23:37 I applaud the people who say weird things

24:30 How to use your voice and trust your gut to fight for your child

26:30 I’m not going to stop yelling until someone gets in here

28:50 One of the scariest moments of my life

29:20 Igniting positive change through tough circumstances

30:59 When your child’s hospital room looks like a Grey’s Anatomy episode

32:01 What to do when you disagree with the doctors

33:24 When your doctor tells you that you are a bad mom

37:56 Challenging doctors to question things

38:20 Can we find the source of SIDS

38:50 What would you say to other parents who feel like shrinking back from the medical community

40:05 You have all the tools you need

41:28 What’s the best advice you never got

43:40 What are you doing right now to cultivate more fun

46:20 Thank you for tuning in

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