48 minutes | Jun 14th 2018

JJ and Dave Heller- Life as an artist

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In this episode Mandy talks with JJ and Dave Heller about how to balance work and being a mom, getting comfortable being different and how to work with a spouse. You will love JJ and Dave's lighthearted and fun nature as you listen in on a conversation about life on the road and what to do when things don't go as planned.

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Stories on JJ’s site

JJ's Instagram

JJ's YouTube Page

So You Think You Can Dance Video

What love really means

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Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com

Special Note:

JJ will be releasing I Dream of You - Vol II later this year. Here is her kickstarter program that you won't want to miss. Click Here Album will release in November.

Show Notes:

0:53 Introduction

2:35 For Domestic Days (a liturgy for you)

4:13 JJ and Dave Heller introduction

4:53 Non-stick cookware

7:01 An unexpected response

7:53 How to give the best gift to your spouse

9:11 Making music together

9:40 How’d you guys meet

10:22 How do you pronounce djembe

11:20 So You Think You Can Dance

12:23 How a song literally saved a life

13:05 How does God want to use me

13:40 How Bob Goff redefined success for us

14:25 Who needs hope and peace

16:16 How have you found your place in music

16:48 Fitting in vs Belonging

17:55 Why our music isn’t on the radio

18:50 How to make sense of tragedy

19:50 I Dream of You- how it’s changed the world

21:48 What if we just take a break

22:40 When your music accidentally puts kids to sleep

24:08 When things don’t go as you planned

25:47 Boring music doesn’t play well in a concert

26:30 Why we donate music to foster families

26:55 When and how things shifted

27:40 I Dream of You- 2 (a new album)

29:45 How to deal with creative differences

31:00 JJ the Incredible Hulk song writer

32:00 How to deliver criticism

34:00 The funny thing about lullabies

35:57 Fact check for Mother Theresa

36:24 How sexy is it to be on the road

37:35 Dealing with loneliness on the road

39:15 3 Days of travel for less than 45 minutes on the stage

40:20 It’s a miracle that I get to do this

41:31 What’s the best advice you never got

42:50 A quote from Cool Runnings

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