38 minutes | Jul 17th 2018

How to tear up the rule book and create a life you love- an interview with Erin Loechner

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In this episode Mandy talks with Erin Loechner about why getting up early is awesome, tips for having a healthy relationship with social media and how to change the rules when they aren’t working for you.


Selected Links:

Erin’s Website

Erin’s Book - Chasing Slow

Erin’s Instagram 



Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

0:57 Introduction

4:58 Interview with Erin Loechner

6:14 How to rip up the rule book and do something different

7:30 Life is short, short, short…

8:15 Even the smallest change is going to do something

9:15 Thinking about living is not the same as actually living

11:05 Being one click away

12:05 The real Erin… come on over, you never know what you’ll get

13:08 We live very different lives, but the same life

14:04 The Good List on Instagram

15:29 Am I giving off a false sense of reality

17:30 Valuing the unimportant

18:24 I am passionate about tearing up the rules

19:20 Why I go to bed at 6:00pm and wake up at 2:00am

20:15 How to get out of making dinner and doing the dishes

20:44 How I can do it all by tearing up the rulebook

21:04 Self imposed rules that can be broken

21:19 Tricks to waking up early

22:13 Creative Geniuses

23:15 Surrendering in motherhood and working

25:04 How does being a mom look so easy from the outside

25:40 The time I left the room and my baby stopped crying immediately

27:16 Trying to control it made it worse

27:40 Honoring life’s weight but holding it loosely

28:21 I’m working to take myself out of the center of the story

29:01 Is this bringing vitality to my life?

31:13 What is the best advice you never got

33:46 How are you cultivating more fun in your life right now

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