25 minutes | Oct 22nd 2018

How To Be A Cozy Minimalist- An Interview with Myquillyn Smith

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In this episode Mandy talk with Myquillyn Smith about creating a cozy home that works and partners with you and everyone in it, they also discuss naked feet and why Myquillyn hates seeing toes, and how to decorate a place you rent.


Selected Links:

Myquillyn’s Instagram

The Nester Website

Pre-order the Cozy Minimalist Home

Make sure to click “Watch Video” to see the amazing home and be sure to order the book soon to get some awesome pre-order bundles (only on Oct 23rd).


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:08 Introduction- How Green Eggs and Ham came about

2:22 We spend HOW??? much time looking for missing items

2:35 Myquellyn Smith intro

3:07 The new book

4:04 What does it look like to practice Cozy Minimalism

6:18 The shift of making a home look better to serving better

7:09 Why we don’t use our home the way we really want to

8:20 Buying more stuff isn’t the only solution

8:38 How to find the perfect sofa

10:36 Should I get a recliner sofa or a sofa with a name (like a Camelback, Birch Arm or Chesterfield)

12:30 If your rug is Oprah your drapes are Gail

14:23 Best tips on decorating a home you rent

15:29 What is the percentage of 2 out of 12 months?

16:27 Should I change the light fixtures on a rental home

17:53 We need to talk… why don’t you like feet?

18:40 No naked toes… they need to be censored

19:38 What is the best advice you never got

21:20 Myquillyn flips the script and asks Mandy what is her best advice she never got

22:01 What are you doing to cultivate more fun in life right now

24:18 A special guest closes the podcast today

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