38 minutes | Jul 30th 2018

Connect With Your Kids- An Interview With Kirk Cameron

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In this episode Mandy talks with Kirk Cameron about kids and cell phones, how his family sets healthy boundaries with technology and Kirk tells a ridiculously cute story about how he met his wife.


Selected Links:

Kirk’s website 

Connect Movie

Kirk’s Instagram

Mandy's New Book- Have More Fun!


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

0:58 Introduction

3:05 3 Quick Ways To Start Boosting Your Self Control

4:21 Why you should freeze your credit card in your freezer

5:36 Mandy introduces Kirk Cameron

6:45 Why Kirk’s wife buys their kids gift on mother’s day

8:03 That time we bought all our kids cell phones for mother’s day

9:05 When things started to turn with technology

9:40 How we struggle to manage our kids tech usage

10:38 What are the biggest concerns around tech and kids

12:01 The 5 Lies That Tech Culture is Teaching Our Kids

13:45 What do kids really need

14:44 Tips for parents who see kids becoming discontent

15:15 The Real World vs. The Virtual World

16:42 Our kids are getting bombarded

16:58 Creating a healthy world for our kids to live in

17:36 Put your own phone down and be with your kids

18:20 Model by regulating ourselves

18:42 How breaking my phone worked out for me

19:42 No Phone Zones

20:20 How to get rid of the “impulse use” of tech

21:21 Maximize and emphasis the relationship with your child

21:41 The Danger of Not having a relationship with your child

22:15 Why “Connect” is so good

23:08 When I as a mom am a little extreme in my response to tech

23:50 Practical tips to help us with tech

25:25 Helpful tools are not a replacement for good parenting, but it can help

25:47 Start with zero privileges and increase as it’s earned

28:48 When a freedom becomes bad for a kid it’s time to step in

29:09 Where can I go to watch Connect

30:08 Should I watch the movie with my kids

31:25 Let’s talk about Growing Pains

31:52 Favorite moments from Growing Pains

32:30 The first time I kissed my wife on the show

34:03 The beauty of Anbesol

35:35 As parents we need to stick together because we are pioneer parents

36:58 Mandy’s new book… an announcement

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