29 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

Ep. 23 Creation Myths and Stories Part 1 (Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Babylonian)

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Welcome to Have a Blessed Gay, your weekly spiritual-comedy podcast! Join holy host, Tyler Martin, as he critically discusses social norms, current events, mental health, religion, and spirituality from an outcast's perspective. In this fun episode, Tyler examines three creation myths and stories. Some cultures and religions truly believe creation stories as factual accounts of how our universe was created, totally disregarding science. Some people try to marry their creation story with science. Then, of course, there are others who see these as just myths and fantastical stories. But, however you view them, these stories tell a lot about humanity, and we can learn a great deal about society through the mythology...and they're also just cool stories. Tyler dives into the Hindu creation story, the Ancient Babylonian creation story, and the Jewish and/or Christian creation stories...which by the way, did you know there are two contradicting creation stories in the Hebrew and Christian Bible? We’re gonna get into that! So, get ready for some fascinating stories and some new sketch comedy!

This episode also features a new article for The B Word, the new vertical on the Have a Blessed Gay website for outcasts to share their journeys, ideas, questions, and resources, all to do with religion and spirituality. Toward the end of this episode, you’ll hear an excerpt from Working Toward Liberation by Kent Thomas revolving around Young Life, the collision of activism and white supremacy culture, and the hashtag that created a movement: #DoBetterYoungLife. The full article is now available on haveablessedgay.com/thebword. Read it and subscribe to the newsletter to know when new articles drop!

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Working Toward Liberation by Kent Thomas

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