51 minutes | Jun 21, 2021

Haunt Weekly - Episode 290 - 10 Tips for First-Time Haunt Goers

It might seem unusual for a podcast named Haunt Weekly. After all, pretty much everyone who listens to this podcast has probably visited a haunt or 10,000. However, you know someone who has never gone and, if so, this episode is for them. Here, we take a look back at the dark times before we became haunters and talk about our first visit to haunts and the things we wish we knew before we walked in the door. That said, we have ten suggestions that should help you, or someone you know, make the most of their first haunt experience and, hopefully, set them on the path of becoming haunt fans. This Week's Episode Includes: Intro Conference Reminders Housekeeping Notes Question for the Audience 10 Tips for First Time Haunt Goers Revisit Question of the Week Conclusions All in all, this is one show that you do NOT want to miss!
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