43 minutes | Mar 6, 2020

Liz Mair's defense against Devin Nunes

In 2019, Congressman Devin Nunes filed several defamation lawsuits for spreading false statements he feels have harmed his reputation. Among those named in those lawsuits include the social media platform Twitter, two anonymous Twitter users (Devin Nunes’ Mom and Devin Nunes’ Cow), the media outlets McClatchy, through its subsidiary the Fresno Bee, CNN, and Ryan Lizza.    My guest today is Liz Mair, she's the president of the political consulting group, Mair Strategies, and is among the defendants in two of Nunes' lawsuits, which seeks $400 million in damages.    On today’s show, we’re going to take a dive deep into what’s in those lawsuits, what Nunes is arguing, and what's Mair’s defense.   "Hashing it Out" is a podcast hosted by Siraj Hashmi, Washington Examiner's commentary video editor and writer. Each episode includes a political guest to offer historical context of the news and politics of the day and insight into how we got to where we are. If you want to find the deeper meaning behind current events, then "Hashing it Out" is the podcast for you.
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